Information regarding COVID-19

On this page, we explain how we handle the Coronavirus situation, what we are doing to minimize risks and what the requirements for attending NeosCon are.

All attendees: Please read this page carefully for all details.

Does NeosCon 22 take place as an in-person event?

Short Answer: Yes.

Long Answer: Even based on the high incidences beginning of February 2022, we would be allowed to run the event now as a 2Gplus event. In case the overload regulations ("Überlastungsstufe") would kick in (which is quite unlikely end-of-April), we'd need 4 square meters space for every attendee - but as the venue is so big, this would still allow for 300 attendees. [Source]

We additionally assume right now (on 07.02.) that the case numbers will drop in the next two months, as it will get warmer as well.

Last but not least, we do not simply rely on the official regulations, but we additionally do relevant safety measures as needed. This page is intended to give an overview about our thinking here.

What are the entrance regulations for Neos Con 22?

You need to have the status commonly referred to "2GPlus", this means:

  • You are triple-vaccinated ("boostered"), or
  • You are double-vaccinated + had a registered Covid-19 Infection, or
  • You are double-vaccinated, where the last dose was at least 14 days ago, but less than three months ago, or
  • You are double-vaccinated + have done a rapid test on each day of the event in an official testing site in Dresden
  • You are recovered (for 90 days after positive PCR test) + have done a rapid test on each day of the event in an official testing site in Dresden

If you think you still apply for "2GPlus" but you do not match any of the categories above, please contact us before the event at so we can ensure that you are matching the official regulations.

[Source], [Fliessschema]

What does 2Gplus mean?

See above, we are using the definition of the Sächsische Landesregierung which applies for NeosCon 2022.

I am not yet boostered. Can I join NeosCon?

If you abide to some rules (see above), you can join NeosCon. You definitely need to be double-vaccinated or recently recovered to join NeosCon. See the entrance regulations above, and if you have further questions, get in touch with us at

Even if the official regulations might relax until end of April, we will keep our regulations in place to allow for a safe event.

How will the Social Event take place?

If you attended one of the last in-person events, you know the legendary Social Event party in clubs in Hamburg or Dresden. This year, such a setting would feel out of place and would pose a higher-than-needed risk to our attendees, that's why we decided for the following route:

  • The Social Event will take place at the "Alter Schlachthof" on Friday, starting directly after the first day of NeosCon. Thus, you do not need to go to the Hotel before the Social Event but stay right at the location.
  • We'll create more of a lounge-like atmosphere for the Social Event, so focus will be on talking, meeting friends, and having a great time. The venue is very well ventilated and has lots of space, so we can ensure the Social Event takes place safely, while we are having a good time :)
  • We'll organize food trucks on-location, so you can buy something to eat before the social event.
  • If weather permits, we'll also use the outside area around the location for the Social Event.

What about the hygiene and safety measures for NeosCon 2022?

We will decide on the final hygiene and safety measures shortly before the event, when we know the final regulations. We will implement at least the following measures:

  • contact tracing via CoronaWarnApp (or alternatively on paper)
  • 2GPlus for attendees
  • if you have COVID-19 symptoms, you are not allowed to join the conference. We will refund your ticket in this case.
  • we'll create pathways to avoid congestions.
  • we'll put up signs for distancing, masks, for disinfecting your hands, etc.
  • hand disinfection will be provided
  • we'll disinfect the venue daily
  • we'll ventilate the rooms well

How do you decide which measures you'll take for keeping the attendees safe?

The answer to this question is two-fold. Of course, we are bound to the local regulations of Saxony, as publicized on

Additionally to that, we might decide on additional measures to keep our attendees safe, if that is needed. If we apply these additional measures, we will communicate them here and to all attendees.

If the case numbers drop, will you relax the 2Gplus restrictions?

No. We think it is more transparent and better for planning for each individual attending NeosCon, if we put up certain rules and then stick to them. We know that our attendees trust us to run a safe event, so we are not taking this responsibility lightly. That's why we will stick to the above rules. If case numbers will be low by end-of-April, we all will be very happy, but we'll still stick to the above rules.