Speaker Information

Thank you for preparing a talk for Neos Conference Online! The conference would not be possible without you :-)

On this page, we've written everything you need to know for Neos Conference Online.

Talk Length

We suggest a talk length of 30-45 minutes. However if it is shorter or longer don't worry. We will adjust the schedule accordingly.

Technical Setup

Note: The notes below describe the ideal technical setup. If you cannot prepare this, don't let that stop you. We are happy to discuss alternatives with you!

  • Please send us two videos of your recorded talk, recorded simultaneously:
    • one video should be the screen recording of the presentation
    • the other video should show yourself while you give the presentation
  • The videos you record do NOT need to start at exactly the same time (see next point).
  • Record your voice in both videos:
    • We will use the audio channel to ensure the videos are played back completely synchronously.
    • We will use the better of the two audio channels for playing back your voice.
  • Video Resolution: If you can control it, Full HD (1920*1080 px) with 25 FPS (1080p25) would be ideal.
  • If possible, use an external microphone. A microphone you are usually using for video calls, like the one integrated in apple headphones, is totally fine quality-wise.

As stated: in case this does not work for you, please simply get in touch with us and we will definitely find a good alternative.

Recording Tool suggestions

  • Mac OS X: screen recording works really well with QuickTime Player (bundled with OSX).
    • open QuickTime Player
    • go to File -> New Screen Recording
    • in the floating panel which appears, press Options and ensure the right microphone is selected.
    • Then, press record entire screen (the 4th button from the left) to start the recording.
  • Linux/Windows: We cannot give such a reliable information, but we heard good things about OBS Studio (open source)
  • For recording yourself, we suggest to use a second device like your smartphone or a tablet or a second computer with webcam.


Please send us the videos until Friday, 12.06.2020. You can use a website e.g. like https://send.firefox.com/.

Please send the video links to conference@neos.io; or alternatively to Fabian or Sebastian directly (contact information below).

In case you cannot keep the deadline, please let us know as early as possible. Thanks :)

Community Time

  • It would be awesome if you would be around online at the time when your talk goes on air (see the schedule on the website).
  • We'll have a "community Video Call" running for the full conference time. This is what we'd like to use for Questions&Answers, and community socializing during the breaks as far as possible. We invite you to join this call during and after your talks :)
    • Maybe we'll do a "Liveschalte" (live dial in) with some of you into the Studio; so you could talk with Maya and Tobi directly after your talk. This is not yet fixed, and we need to see whether we can run this reliably and with good technical quality.
  • Additionally, there will be a Neos Conference Slack channel which you are of course also invited to join during the conference.

Contact Information

The event is organized by the regular Neos Conference event crew, i.e. Lisa, Fabian, Sebastian and David. As the talks are broadcasted from the Sandstorm office, please get in touch with Sebastian or Fabian for all talk-related or technical questions:

  • Sebastian Kurfürst - sebastian.kurfuerst (at) sandstorm (dot) de   --- Phone Number ‭+49 157 35723577‬
  • Fabian Tschök - fabian.tschoek (at) sandstorm (dot) de

And of course you can reach us at conference (at) neos (dot) io.

Thank You!

Thank you again for participating in Neos Conference Online! This event would not be possible without you!

All the best, and stay safe and healthy,
your Neos Conference Organizers
Lisa, Sebastian, Fabian & David




Further Information about the online conference setup

(the following is just for informational purposes, you do not need to read it in detail if you are preparing a talk :-) )

  • Our goal is to provide a good "frame" for the content of Neos Conference Online. That's why we do not simply run "a big video conference call"; but have dedicated hosts who will lead the viewers through the whole event; and try to have a good video quality.
  • We have set up a (semi-professional) studio at the Sandstorm offices in Dresden, where our two hosts, Tobias Gruber and Maya Bornschein, will be located.
  • Playback of your recorded talks:
    • We'll align the two videos upfront the conference, and do some audio postprocessing to ensure good quality. That's why we need the videos at the 12.06., so that we can do this processing reliably.
    • We'll then live-cut between the two videos you've sent to us (e.g. your presentation and yourself).
  • Community Time:
    • Throughout the