What is Neos Con Online?

Neos Conference started as a simple idea: Let’s bring the Neos community together and learn even more from each other. Neos Con features high class speakers and deep-dive tech and developer talks. 

Due to the ongoing pandemic we decided not to cancel the 2020 conference but instead have an online event. With great success. We learned a lot, and the entire conference crew had such a great time to create high-quality Neos CMS content and broadcast it to the world. So again in 2021 there will be an Online Event. But of course we always want to raise the bar a little higher..

This year we are broadcasting to you from a bigger "studio" and also hired our regular NeosCon conference technician to support us with better video, sound and streaming performance. 

So therefore, to cover the technical costs and maybe even start saving for our 2022 (big bash) event, we are looking for sponsors for the 2021 Online Event. Check out the Online Sponsoring Packages below. 

NC Online Sponsoring Packages








Logo placed on the conference website  small medium large
2 min video spot shown during the breaks (provided by the sponsor - or just the logo)  - - 2x each day
10-15 sec. video spot right before talk (provided by the sponsor - or just the logo) - 1x each day 2x each day
10-15 sec. video spot at the end of a break or before the conference start (provided by the sponsor - or just the logo) - - 1x each day
Logo on logo wall in the background small medium large
Sponsor announcement on social media
Sponsor announcement at beginning and end of the event

(Our sponsors for the canceled 2020/21 live-event will remain for the 2022 live-event - thank you! <3 )

Why Sponsor Neos Conference?


Create, develop and enhance your credibility

Building trust and establishing a good relationship with current and potential customers can be tough! Getting involved and supporting the Neos Conference, that is loved by the community, is a great opportunity to accelerate a positive public perception about your business.

Benefit the Neos Community and giving back

It's not always about "sales", but about benefiting the community. Being involved with a good cause sends a message that your business is genuinely interested in providing support to not only the Neos community, but also the individuals within that community. Companies that show generosity and take their social responsibility seriously are noticed as being genuinely caring about their customers.

Improve company image and brand awarenss across targeted developer groups

Integrate your logo and messaging with the Neos Conference's marketing and platforms such as flyers, website, e-newsletters, advertisements, tickets, social media (the list goes on), to resonate way better with your target audiences as they are more likely to pay attention to your messages when they are seeking out a message that is fun and relevant to them.



Neos and Flow are based on the idea that content should adjust to the business domain. Following the same rule, bringing targeted content to the relevant audience, Neos Conference is designed for the community and every single developer who wants to think outside the box.

Are you in? Let's work together! We are looking for cooperation opportunities and are open to your brilliant ideas.



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