Resilience & Reinvention - How to reach continued Relevance

Everybody wants to gain a better sense of achievement, provide better products and services, delight the customer and realize superior business results. The question is: Am I capable of this and if not how can I? I will give you a map that you can follow.

Resilience is about adaption and flexibility, reinvention about long-term survival, tolerance and diversity. Is your organization capable of doing this? If not, what is your organization capable of? How mature is your organization? Are there things you can do to increase your maturity? In short: Where am I and where to move from here? Since years I deal with organizational development and thus culture and values. Creating unity, alignment, a sense of purpose and good governance is a key concept here - this counts for open source communities as well as for companies. Therefore you have to deal with change and the key to happiness obviously lies within evolutionary change. Recently, I found a wonderful blueprint to look at organizations from a higher flight level to get a good idea of where they actually are in terms of maturity. This information is the key to your next step. The model not only gives you an idea of where you are right now, but also what your next steps should be and what not. If you’re truly motivated to make long lasting evolutionary changes in your business and survive forthcoming disruptions in your industry, the Kanban Maturity Model can give you good guidance.

  • Neos Conference 2020
  • 19.06.2020
  • 14:50
  • Studio Stage