On the last day of the event, we want to make Neos even better.

If you want to contribute, but have not done this before, we will help you getting started, set up the development environment, and help you with your first contribution.

If you know how to contribute, but normally lack the time, join our Contribution Day and let's work on Neos together.

Not just for devs: In the Neos project, we also have lots of contribution opportunities in areas like marketing, our own websites, documentation, and strategy.

The Neos Team will be around to help.


June 1st, 2024


GenoHotel Karslruhe
Am Rüppurrer Schloss 40
76199 Karlsruhe

If you are already staying at GenoHotel for the conference days you can book your hotel room until June 1st. Please check our Booking FAQ for more details. 


If you plan to join the contribtuion day please make sure to select the corresponding option during your ticket checkout.

Costs and Sponsoring

  • Become a Contribution Day Sponsor and buy one of the sponsoring packages
  • Pay what you want durching checkout. If you are unsure and can spare some money, we recommend 49 € because this helps us cover most of the costs.

We use the money to organize lunch and snacks for the participants on the contribution day.


If you already got your ticket and you also want to join the Contribtuion Day, please edit your order or contact us at conference (at) neos.io