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Conference Day 1

18 Jun 2020
Center Stage


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Tobias GruberMaya Bornschein

Conference Opening 2020
Center Stage

Robert Lemke

Keynote 2020
Center Stage

Christian Müller

The Neos 5.x (R)evolution
Center Stage

Laura Hilliger

Realities of non-profits: Building bridges between technology and global issues
Center Stage

In this talk, you’ll hear a story about one of the most iconic brands in the world and how Greenpeace is returning to its roots in a time of social change. Greenpeace is building technology designed to help everyday people take control and act to protect the planet. Learn how Greenpeace is using the power of open source to change the world, and why open source contributors should get involved in non-profits.

Stefan Bruggmann

Neos Headless CMS with Nuxt.js
Center Stage

How we use Neos as Headless CMS, the mistakes we made and how it became a product.During Neos Con 2019 you might have already heard about Neos as hybrid CMS to provide data for static sites. Now let's go fully headless with GraphQL and Nuxt.js as frontend framework and static site generator.We discover one way of combining the great content editing experience of Neos and the flexibility of alternative frontend renderers and generators.Topics that will be discussed:

  • GraphQL with Neos
  • Structured content editing
  • Rendering Neos node based content with Nuxt.js
  • Benefits & drawbacks of this approach
David Sporer

Case Study: Passcreator
Center Stage

Since I’ve last talked about our infrastructure back in 2017, a lot has happened. Passcreator grew a lot since then and we’ve also gained customers from currently 32 countries by still using Flow.


Lunch Break & Socializing

Grab something to eat and have a online chat with your Neos friends!
Dmitri Pisarev

How not to mess up your first PWA
Center Stage

Szymon Gregorczyk

How to fix DialogFlow using Neos in your voice assistant
Center Stage

Chatbot and voice assistants are now everywhere - in our smartphones, cars, soon enough even in our fridges. It’s very easy to create own chatbot using DialogFlow engine. This talk would explain how we can use Neos as a source of voice assistant responses and what are its advantages over DialogFlow.

During the talk I will shortly explain how using a DialogFlow engine a simple chatbot or voice assistant can be prepared. I will show what are the limitations of DialogFlow when it goes to returning responses and how we can use Neos to bypass those limitations thanks to headless approach.

Using DialogFlow engine everyone can create his own chatbot or voice assistant. However, DialogFlow has some limitations regarding possibilities of editing content. What is not possible there can be easily done in Neos which can return content via GraphQL or JSON API. Moreover using Neos as content source allows us to be a little bit more independent from review process if it’s required on chatbot/assistant deployment platform.

We used this concept in Action on Google project for a swiss brand Mobiliar, creating Google assistant action in 2 languages (German & French).

Yanick WitschiBenni MackSebastian Kurfürst

Discussion: Open Source CMS in Corona Times
Center Stage

The Coronavirus pandemic affects all of us in our daily lives. We wanted to understand how other Open Source CMS communities deal with these unique challenges.

We met for a virtual discussion table, consisting  of Yanick Witschi for Contao, Benni Mack for TYPO3, and Sebastian Kurfürst for Neos CMS. Aside from discussing the current world situation, we also moved on to discuss our current challenges, goals and ideas for the future of our ecosystems.


Neos Online Award 2020
Center Stage

Conference Day 2

19 Jun 2020
Center Stage

Opening Day 2

After day one is before day two! Get a coffee and join us for the second conference day.
Sebastian Kurfürst

The Event Sourced Content Repository: The Current Status
Center Stage

Sergey Zhuk

Introduction to Asynchronous PHP and ReactPHP
Center Stage

A lot has changed since PHP was used only for rendering web-pages. Now PHP is something more than a request-response cycle. The event-driven architecture and asynchronous I/O processing of any number of streams in real-time allow you to build a whole new category of applications!

In this talk, I will cover the basics of event-driven architecture and asynchronous programming. And ReactPHP is the most popular package that makes it possible to write asynchronous PHP code. We’ll discuss core abstractions such as an event loop, promises, and streams and their implementation in ReactPHP. Then we will dig into some real-world code along with how to leverage it into the traditional synchronous environment.

Christian Koop

Neos as PWA with AMP for Migros summer campaign 2019
Center Stage

Mobile first: Neos to provide content for a PWA via headless approach. Performance and mobile search results where KPIs in this project as it had to face high traffic. Ease of use for the customer should also be achieved by an app like behavior. So lets talk about the “grillbuddy”.

For the summer campaign in Switzerland we had high traffic and multi API requirements to face. Product data had to be gathered from client APIs, we delivered a nice PWA so you could take your “gillbuddy” as it was called to the Migros and get everything you needed for a nice evening with friends. We used AMP for better mobile search result ranking and performance as Migros is the biggest brand in Switzerland and we were as top story in the newsletter with 1.25 million recipients. You could connect to your Migros shopping list , had a timer so all your grill goods were perfectly fine.

Robert Lemke

OpenID Connect with Neos and Flow
Center Stage

Peter Kröner

TypeScript vs. JavaScript vs. your Brain
Center Stage


Lunch Break & Socializing

Enjoy lunch and have a good time online :-)
Sebastian Kurfürst

Behind the Scenes at Neos Conference Online 2020
Center Stage

This is a short session displaying a behind-the-scenes view of Neos Conference online. We'll give you a glimpse of what it takes to run an online conference :-) Looking forward to your questions as well!

Jon Uhlmann

Using Fusion Components Right
Center Stage

Jan-Michael Loew

On the Ethics of Web Development
Center Stage

The past years have shown, that ethics can’t be treated as an afterthought when developing projects on the web. We have an obligation to treat our users and their data ethically, but no one ever really told us how. I’ll try to change that and show you how much power you as developers actually have.

Maciej Treder

Asynchronous JavaScript Mechanics

Sebastian Helzle

One More Thing: A New Media Module
Center Stage


Conference Closing

Thank you all for joining Neos Conference Online 2020. See you next year in Dresden again! Stay safe!

Neos Con 2020 Online Event

Neos Conference is THE annual gathering of the Neos community and we want to keep the spirit alive. This means, that we need to think about new ways to gather this year. As you know, all the conference talks are streamed live during the event and are uploaded shortly after. So, bringing the conference online is not completely new to us.

Nevertheless, running the entire conference with over 30 talks and 2 tracks online seems a bit too much for us. Therefore, we'll do the following:

  • There is one track of online-talks on June 18th and 19th 2020
  • This is going to be completely free of charge
  • We will record all the talks and upload them to YouTube afterwards.
  • There will also be online rooms for socialising and talking about other topics.

We hope that this will fill the gap in a somehow appropriate way.

Stay healthy!

Your Neos Con Orga Team
Lisa, Sebastian, Fabian


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