Wednesday, May 29, Workshop "Ask the Experts - Solve your Neos Issues", 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Thursday, May 30: Conference Day 1, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Friday, May 31: Conference Day 2, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Saturday, June 1: Contribution Day Workshop, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Conference Day 1

30 May 2024
Center Stage
Studio Stage

Registration & Breakfast Snacks

Check out the venue, grab a snack or coffee, make your self at home!
Maya BornscheinStefan RegnietAnke HäslichTobias Gruber

Conference Opening 2024
Center Stage

Welcome to Neos Conference 2024!

Robert Lemke

Keynote Neos Conference 2024
Center Stage

Leonard Follner

360ff Ökokiste - An Integrated Approach to Performance
Center Stage

Together we will explore what an integrated approach to performance and profiling can do for your application.

The 360ff ecobox system integrates an online shop for organic farmers into the flexibility of Neos. Running about 50 instances of this white label shop on just one server requires performance optimizations for stable response times.

How can a strict logging concept help you gain insights into the performance of your application? What tools are available for gathering and analyzing production traces with little overhead? We will discuss the benefits of having a middleware server handling upstream API requests and storing transient state.

All this gives us a toolbox that allows us to monitor and improve the system performance in a detailed and hollistic way.

David Spiola

Use Your Head Before Going Headless
Studio Stage

An introduction to various strategies (past, present, future) for rendering content with Neos CMS and beyond.

Lisi Linhart

Strategies for Robust Frontend Architecture
Center Stage

In this talk we delve into building frontend architecture using insights from real-world experiences from working on the frontend of a large headless CMS. We'll explore reasons for software rewrites, the impact of technical debt, and the role of architecture in enabling safe and scalable frontend development. Practical constraints for resilient frontend architecture are discussed and the attendees will gain actionable insights for building robust frontend systems at scale.

Karsten Dambekalns

Updating Neos - Why, When and How
Studio Stage

Neos is continuously developed further and new releases are done regularly. But why should I upgrade? And when should I do it? Last but not least, how (hard is it?) Answers to these questions based on years of upgrading a wide range of setups, from current to (very) old! And what about Neos v9?



Enjoy snacks and drinks, and have a great time talking to other attendees and speakers!
Damien Seguy

Advanced PHP Typing
Center Stage

The PHP type system is modernizing with every version. It is now so advanced that it is used as early as conception time : detect dependencies between classes, reduce complexity levels between methods, identify order of execution. The organisational strength of the type system permeates throughout the source. In fact, type analysis suggest and deny specific refactorisations. This is not determinism : they give a healthy margin of freedom, where the creative work of developers happen. During this session, we’ll review several rules of organisation of PHP code, and how to use them to get a sound understanding of our code bases.

André Hoffmann

Integrating AI Assistance Into Neos - An Adventure Story
Studio Stage

In this talk I would like to take a look in to my adventure log about my adventures of integrating AI into Neos. I asked myself, whether AI could be more than a simple text generator for content in Neos. Can one use AI to generate whole pages with a sensible structure as starting point for editors to work with? Can one use AI to generate images for my content and directly add them into the Neos media library? Can AI be more deeply integrated into the Neos UI for a better user experience as a Neos user? As I am still on my adventure not all these questions have answers and there are still new questions coming up as I go further and further on the way down my chosen path. But I would like the let others take a look into my adventure log, discuss with them my findings and answers to some of my initial questions as well as present future goals of my journey.

Stefan Bruggmann

Editors Think in Content, Not Nodetypes
Center Stage

As developers, we force Editors in our logical thinking. Better naming is only a workaround, not a solution. In this talk, we will look at an alternative way to provide clearer and more flexible NodeTypes by building our structure based on the content requirements of the editors.

Beatrice KernLara von Massow

Developer Experience: Why We Should Develop for Developers, Not at Them
Studio Stage

Developers have become one of the world’s most precious resources and in today’s challenging economy, boosting their productivity is increasingly seen as a vital success factor. Studies have shown that the issue is not a lack of developers. Instead it is shown that businesses need to better leverage their existing talent. Still, platforms, tools and processes often show an imbalance between catering to the business and developers needs.How can we bring balance and improve the experience of developers? In this talk we will introduce our approach to run a discovery for developer experience. We’ll share learnings from our recent use cases and give practical examples on how to identify the most value-adding activities in the broad field of developer productivity, apply product thinking and measure the success of developer experience initiatives.

Christopher Hlubek

Zebras in the Wild - One Year of Neos and Next.js Projects
Center Stage

“Can we have the best of both worlds: a headless CMS with great editing experience?”. Yes! With Zebra we combined Next.js and Neos and now validated this in various projects. Learn how to implement a headless Neos CMS with the new Next.js app router and which patterns we learnt in practice.

Maya Bornschein

The New Neos Branding
Studio Stage

Dominique Feyer

Htmx Meets Fusion - Make Your Frontend From the Backend
Center Stage

Htmx is one of the rising stars in Frontend Framework based on Hypermedia principles. But how Fusion can help to use Htmx efficiancy in a natural way inside a Neos project? How can we limit the Javascript fatigue? Is Htmx kind of a back to the roots of web development? Is simplicity the answer? 

This talk is a little history of web development, a little history of my profesional life, a presentation of how Hypermedia change the game, and how a little Neos package can make working with Htmx from Fusion smoother and faster. Maybe this talk can be a little solution for Javascript fatigue for some of us.


Lightning Talks 2024
Studio Stage

  • Partial Content Export - So, how do we get it to Production? by Benjamin Behrendt (MÜNSMEDIA GmbH)
  • Crud UIs for Neos & Flow with (almost) no code by Till Kleisli (Kleisli Websolutions)
  • Don't be afraid of the Fusion internals by Marc Henry Schultz (Neos Team)
  • Expand your reach: AI Translation as Your Digital Babel Fish by Nicholas Gray (Vogel Communications Group)

Neos Award 2024
Center Stage


Group Drone Photo

At the end of the day, we'd like to do a group Drone photo outside the location with all participants!
Maya BornscheinStefan Regniet

Closing Day 1
Center Stage


Behind the Scenes Tour of Center Stage

You want to peek behind the screens of our Center Stage? Join us at the Center Stage door for a tour!

Social Event

Conference Day 2

31 May 2024
Center Stage
Studio Stage

Arrival & Breakfast Snacks

After day one is before day two! Get a coffee and join us for the second conference day.
Anke HäslichTobias Gruber

Opening Day 2
Center Stage

Jon Uhlmann

Neos Themes
Center Stage

All other CMS has themes, right? But Neos has none? Not yet! I’ll show an approach on how to build a Neos who can be themed. And at the end you'll be surprised, and also get a surprise…

Bernhard Schmitt

Testing (With) the Event-Sourced Content Repository
Studio Stage

Not only is the new content repository thoroughly tested, but its test suite is also designed to be used in 3rd party applications. In this talk we’ll have a look at how we used tools like PHPUnit and Behat to do so and how you can make use of them testing your applications’ interactions with the CR.

Sebastian Bergmann

Testing with Doubles: Why, When and How?
Center Stage

So you want to test a unit of code that depends on other units of code. When should you replace the real dependencies with Test Stubs or Mock Objects? When should you let the code under test collaborate with the real depended-on units of code?

Come to this presentation and learn the ins and outs of stubs and mocks. By the end of this presentation, you will understand how PHPUnit's test double functionality works and which parts of it you should stay clear of.

Felix Gradinaru

How To Build LLM-Based Content Management Solutions in Neos CMS
Studio Stage

What we learned from tousands of hours of building generative AI into various Neos CMS projects, and how you can start with Open Source today. In this talk we focus on where current LLMs can already be used in production, and about the mental concepts that help you to get the most out of it, without falling for the hype of everything-now.

Sebastian Helzle

A Neos Performance Detective Story
Center Stage

I have probably spent hundreds of hours on Neos performance related topics for my customers in the last years. In this talk I will tell you about my most exciting cases and how I solved them. Learn about the tools, problem analysis, some failures and the benefits of OpenSource.

Florian Engelhardt

Asynchronous PHP
Studio Stage

No one likes to wait. Yet, your code is constantly waiting. For the database, the e-mail server, the HTTP server of any service, a file from the disk, or even for RAM. And with it, the customers wait. I want to show how with an asynchronous architecture, RabbitMQ and ReactPHP, the waiting time is significantly shortened and that sometimes you do not have to wait. Get ready for some live coding!



Enjoy snacks and drinks, and have a great time talking to other attendees and speakers!
Fiach DillonDaniel Klöters

Enterprise Neos: Empowering E-Commerce for Telecommunications
Center Stage

Our journey with Neos at 1&1 Telecommunication SE: How Neos empowered us to build a microservice-based platform in a demanding environment. Combining great editorial experience and personalized customer journeys with highly flexible requirements, demanding target dates and bulletproof security.

Marc Henry SchultzSebastian Kurfürst

Six Things You Didn't Know about Neos 9
Studio Stage

About 8 years ago, the Neos team first participated in a workshop about CQRS and EventSourcing.
Since then much time has passed, endless discussions were held and thousands of commits lead the way to the Neos 9 Content Repository.
For the Neos project this is one of the biggest changes and was especially challenging to pull off as a small team.
We want to share with you our story, our learnings and the pieces and approaches you can use in your projects.

Frederik Ramm

OpenStreetMap Under the Hood
Center Stage

You're familiar with using maps (and most likely OpenStreetMap) in NEOS, but how do do the various services - maps, search, navigation - work, and how does the sausage that is OSM get made in the first place?
Starting from the user/developer perspective and making its way past server setups to the mapping core of OpenStreetMap, this talk shines a light on what goes on in the background when you pop a map into your site. We'll touch on tile servers, raster and vector tiles, geocoding, routing, databases and mapping.

Jonas Renggli

Observability in Neos
Studio Stage

In this talk, Jonas will present the challenges of tracing in Neos and Flow and demonstrate some tools to support this. How much time do my database queries take? How about my FlowQueries? He will develop and present some tooling that makes tracing in Flow and Neos applications easier, using well-known patterns such as annotations and EEL helpers. He will also talk about how the data gathered can be stored in products such as OpenTelemetry or Sentry and how you can draw your conclusions from your data.

Sebastian Kurfürst

How to Write Unmaintainable Code
Center Stage

How do I write code that is as "good" as possible? What does that even mean? I have been working on large open source frameworks for around 20 years. In that time, I have produced a lot of code that I would never write in the same way today - and from which we can learn a lot together. I will critically discuss principles such as extensibility and DRY, show what mistakes I have made when developing frameworks and show which principles we can use to write "better" code (whatever this means) :-)

The whole thing will be an entertaining journey into large codebases which might change the way you look at code.

Anke HäslichTobias Gruber

Closing Conference 2024
Center Stage

Differences from last year

For the first time ever, we're able to offer a great complete package: You can book the hotel rooms directly through us, and stay right at the conference location. This way, you can hang around more than 72 hours with your favourite Neos friends (if you don't need any sleep).

The awesome NeosCon party will this time feature a great vegetarian dinner - all included.

Pre-Conference Warm-Up

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Neos Conference is on a mission to inspire people by demonstrating cutting edge technology, encourage everybody to think “out-of-the-box”, and connecting technological entrepreneurs with enthusiasts. Therefore the conference is for developers, technical leads, CTOs, and everyone who’s willing to learn something new and wants to challenge the status quo!

All talks impart sophisticated technology-knowledge about modern concepts, methods and not your average step-by-step online-tutorial to the audience. Neos Con is about the “why” and not about the “what”, it’s about understanding the bigger picture and not the 21st 3-step-manual, it’s about learning something new and sharing knowledge with each other, it’s about growing beyond yourself, it’s about getting inspired, and last but not least, it’s about having fun together.

About 60% of the talks will be about Neos & Flow - obviously, it’s the Neos Con ;-) In addition, 40% are not-Neos-related topics and add deep insights about technology, testing and sustainability for example.

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Neos Con features high class speakers and deep-dive tech and developer talks.


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