Develop it, test it, ship it, measure it: building an end-to-end CI solution for Neos projects

The development of a complex Neos project is not done by single developers. A team of specialists will be involved in different parts of your project workflow. And not all of them are developers.

How can you provide a great development (and operational) experience that automates as much as possible? And how can end-to-end tests or measurements for core web vitals be integrated into the development pipeline? Are containers the answer? And what can a CI tool do for you?

In this talk we will have a 360° look at the DevOps lifecycle and build the perfect project pipeline using tools like GitLab CI, Kubernetes, Helm, Playwright and Lighthouse CI.

  • Neos Conference 2022
  • 30.04.2022
  • 11:00
  • Center Stage