Forms with Neos.Fusion and AFX

Frontend rendering with Fusion and AFX is best practice in Neos projects for a while now but form rendering with Fusion, while possible, has been a tedious task and often made us fallback to vintage technology. We knew this had to be tackled eventually but also wanted to do it right and not rush it.

With the release of Neos 5.1 the Neos.Fusion.Form package was introduced that allows to combine the convenience of Fusion and AFX with Flow forms, but also took the chance to rethink the form API. Currently this package is extended to also also cover runtime forms with custom actions and multiple steps.

The talk starts with a short recap about the whole form topic and the automatic security and convenience features behind the scenes. Then the Neos.Fusion.Form package is introduced from a developer perspective to help developers getting started immediately.

  • Neos Conference Online 2021
  • 08.05.2021
  • 10:45
  • Center Stage