Micro Frontends: The What, the Why and the How

Microservices is no longer only the latest buzzword, but stands for a broad development/paradigm change to Continuous Delivery, RESTful Services and Agile Development. Teams develop independent (micro) services with a private life cycle, so that new functionality is placed in a very short space of time in production. For online services such as Netflix and Spotify this is vital to compete.

Unfortunately, this microservice architecture is only applied to backend development. For the frontend we mainly build a feature-rich browser application which ends up way to often in the creation of as a single, big frontend-monolith.

In this session Peter Eijgermans focuses on extending the concepts of microservices to the frontend world. The talk provides answers to the following questions:
What is a good Micro Frontends architecture? What are the design patterns, anti-patterns ? Why are Micro Frontends not always a silver bullet? And how do we implement a Micro Frontends in code? (Time for live coding!)

  • Neos Conference Online 2021
  • 08.05.2021
  • 13:15
  • Center Stage