Neos and DXP (Digital eXperience Platform)

    Content is King, but only when it’s adjusted to website visitor interests it’s king on a huge white shiny horse. But to be sure that your visitors are getting exactly what they are looking for you really need to know them. Know their interests and the story of their behavior on your website. Only by knowing all that stuff, you will be able to create real experiences on your website. Long story short that’s the story behind DXPs (Digital eXperience Platforms) - a hot topic on the modern web.

    This talk will be about DXPs - just an introduction, without too much theory, and after that getting our hands really dirty. You will get to know how using Neos and other Open Source solutions we can: track user behavior, adjusting the content for users’ interests, manage the communication with segment of users, manage consents - and all of it matching GDPR requirements (downloading user history, removing it and anonymizing).

    • Neos Conference Online 2021
    • 08.05.2021
    • 14:00
    • Center Stage