Using the Neos Event Sourcing in Symfony with a Bridge

    With the given solutions for Event Sourcing for Symfony ( PHP) I was not very impressed. There are some Event Stores belonging to an CQRS and EventSourcing Infrastructure for PHP. But I was searching for a slim solution that could be used without getting familiar to the whole concept with different components of the solution and without changing the whole infrastructure to get it run.

    I also looked on the slim Neos solution that is based on the Flow Framework, but it is not possible to run it under the Symfony Framework. For this reason I started working on a Symfony Bridge of Neos Eventsourcing with Sebastian Kurfürst in December 2020. I wanted to be able to use it for upcoming projects with symfony.

    A short time later I got the possibility to use it for an “Proof of Concept” for one of the biggest international discount retailer companies. They own a shipping container app that handles the logistic beetween China and Europe/US. On the journey of a ship over the ocean a lot of different milestones have to be reached (load / unload / taxes…). The idea is to use CQRS and Event Sourcing for the milestones concept which is the heart of the application.

    In my proposed presentation I will show how the Event Sourcing Adapter is used in a “Proof of Concept” for an discount retailer company. Our journey starts with the separation of the read and write model. It highlights the Neos Event Store and shows the workflow beginning with an command and ending with a projection in the read model. CQRS is an ongoing process and I will summarizes the findings of our journey at the end.

    • Neos Conference 2022
    • 30.04.2022
    • 12:30
    • Studio Stage