Neos Award 2020

Back again in 2020, we are happy to recognise outstanding Neos projects with the official Neos Award. The award itself didn’t change much in the past, but the submissions and the Neos CMS project did.

For instance, at our last sprint in Vienna 2019 we decided to embrace sustainable behaviour within the community. 
And more and more agencies, NGOs and companies use Neos CMS for a broad variety of use cases.

Taking these facts into account and inspired by Robert Lemkes keynote at NeosCon 2019, we decided that the Neos Award has to evolve as well.


Please send your submission for the Neos Award to until April 30th 2020.

The submission fee will remain at 200€ (excl. VAT) for each submission*, but NGOs and Students can apply for a “free of charge” subsidy.

Just as every year you can present your project in your unique way and preferred style. But in order to make a solid base judgment for your project we introduce some very basic minimum requirements for a submission:

  • Name of the project
  • Min. one frontend screenshot
  • Min. one backend screenshot
  • Description
    • what is the project about
    • why is your project Award-worthy
  • URL to the project

Package developmet 

Just to be clear! You can also submit Neos Packages and Neos UI plugins you might have built in order to achieve certain extensibility goals as long as those packages are open-source-licensed. Furthermore, you can submit up to three packages with one submission fee.

Award Categories:

In the past years we had two main categories. Both of them (Excellence Award and Neos Award) were focusing on performance markers. This year, we will change that in order to embrace efforts that are not performance related in a traditional manner.

Dedication/Impact Award:

This category is all about: “Do things that others don’t”. The Award category does not follow a specific set of markers and is purely based on the submission we get. The jury will evaluate winners based on terms like sustainability, innovation, society/community impact or spirit. Those terms apply to the project or the company or agency.

Just to be clear, those categories could shift based on the submissions we get! This category is all about dedication regardless of budget, performance or any other traditional award markers. It is about spirit and “doing things, that others don’t” 

- Dedication stands for our very valuable contributors within the community and for those who push Neos CMS forward. 
- Impact is all about the greater good for all of us. It's about environmental, social or technical impact within our society.

Neos Award

The Neos Award will be independent from the Impact Award and is based on the following performance markers:

  • Performance/SEO
  • UX for editors
  • UI/UX for users
  • Technical Stack
  • Extensibility (Packages und UI Plugins)
  • Community Contribution
  • Boost (impact for Neos CMS brand)

All of those markers will be assessed with 1-5 points to evaluate the Gold, Silver and Bronze winners.

Submit now:

The past years have clearly shown that there are many Neos CMS projects out there perfectly matching those categories. We are looking forward to taking a look at your best work and making fair and balanced decisions that reflect the spirit of the Neos community. 

Please send your submission for the Neos Award to conference (at) until April 30th 2020.

Neos Award Winners 2019

Neos CMS Gold Award

Flownative Beach – Flownative

Neos CMS Silver Award 

HanseatReisen – sitegeist‬

Neos CMS Bronze Award

CKW – Jung von Matt/Limmat

* The fee is meant to prevent floods of "standard" submissions and should help us organize the award.