Neos Award 2019

Back again in 2019, we are happy to recognize outstanding Neos projects with the official Neos Award.

If you implemented a great Neos project with an excellent technical implementation, brilliant design, demanding complexity or another noteworthy feature, submit it for the Neos Award!


Please send your submission for the Neos Award to conference (at) until March 31st 2019.

Your submission must include the following information:

  • Name of the project
  • Short description of the project
    • what is the project about
    • why is your project Award-worthy
  • URL to the project

A submission fee of 200€ (excl. VAT) applies for every submission.*


Neos Award Winners 2018

Neos CMS Gold Award for VVW – ‪

Neos CMS Silver Award 

Canyon Bicycleswysiwyg*

Neos CMS Bronze Award

CANUSA – sitegeist‬

Excellence Awards

sitegeist Monocle – ‪‎sitegeist‬

HSSO – ttree



* The fee is meant to prevent floods of "standard" submissions and should help us organize the award.