Speaker Information

Hello and welcome to the speaker list of the Neos Conference! We are happy to have you with us and can hardly wait to see you on stage. This guide is intended to provide you with all the necessary or useful information to help you achieve an awesome performance. 

If you need any additional help or guidance, please write an e-mail under conference (at) neos.io.


We have a reservation on your name for a single room from 09.05. – 11.05.2019 (for some speakers individual dates apply) at Motel One Dresden Palaisplatz - if you did not tell us otherwise. Not sure if you have a reservation? Please contact Lisa through Slack or conference (at) neos.io. Please be aware that breakfast is not included – we’ll have breakfast snacks at the location :)


You are listed as a speaker. So you don’t need a ticket. Just say your name at the registration. If you already ordered a ticket, it has either been refunded or changed to another person.


Check out the schedule to see what day/time your talk is going to be. Please check in at the streaming/audio/video desk at the back of your room in the morning, when you arrived at the venue. Then, we'll assign you a time to set up the equipment.

Sessions are scheduled with a short 5 minute break to enable all attendees to switch rooms without disturbing currently running talks.

Did you prepare your talk yet? It’s a good time to start now ;-) Plan to present from your own laptop, or contact us beforehand if you cannot use your own equipment. Technical details of the room and stage setup are:

  • Beamer:
    • Resolution: Full HD (1920px x 1080px)
    • Connection: HDMI wire (be sure to bring your adapter in case you need one)
    • It would be good if your laptop supported TWO external monitors (one for the presentation, one for your speaker notes.)
  • Internet:
    • Wifi in the whole conference location
    • it is not sure yet, whether we will have a LAN connection at the stage
    • However, we still suggest that you prepare a complete offline version of your presentation, for your own, well-understood, safety.
  • Sound:
    • Audio for videos (you can plug in your laptop)
    • Wireless microphone headsets
    • Hand microphones
  • Stages:
    • Center Stage
      • Blue carpet to stand on
      • Big screen on stage
      • Speaker-monitor on the floor
    • Studio Stage
      • Blue carpet to stand on
      • Big screen on stage
      • Speaker monitor on the floor
  • Timeslots:
    • Every talk slot is 30 minutes
    • Case studies are 15 minutes
    • You do not need to introduce yourself, as each stage has a host who will introduce you.
    • You don't need to include time for questions
    • We will have a dedicated speakers and Neos Core Team corner for questions and conversations
  • Slides Sharing:
    We would like to provide the slides of your talks after the conference. So please upload your presentation in a format of your choice and send us a link.
  • Talk Recording:
    We would also like to stream & record all talks and upload them afterwards to the Neos Youtube channel. If you don't want to be recorded please let us know.

Events around the conference

  • On Thursday evening (before the conference), there is a warm-up event: Warmup details and register here!
  • On Friday evening, the social event will take place. You don't need to register for this, but don't miss this legendary party!
  • On Saturday evening, Sandstorm (one of the organizers) has its 10 year anniversary. If you are still around on Saturday after the conference, you are invited to join our relaxed get-together. Sandstorm party details and register here!
  • On Sunday, a relaxed hike through the Saxon Switzerland will take place. If you want to join, please register here.
  • The week after Neos Conference, a Neos Sprint takes place where you are also invited to join. Find details and registration here.

If you have any further questions, please contact conference (at) neos.io

We are looking forward to have a great conference together with you!