Neos Headless CMS with Nuxt.js

How we use Neos as Headless CMS, the mistakes we made and how it became a product.During Neos Con 2019 you might have already heard about Neos as hybrid CMS to provide data for static sites. Now let's go fully headless with GraphQL and Nuxt.js as frontend framework and static site generator.We discover one way of combining the great content editing experience of Neos and the flexibility of alternative frontend renderers and generators.Topics that will be discussed:

  • GraphQL with Neos
  • Structured content editing
  • Rendering Neos node based content with Nuxt.js
  • Benefits & drawbacks of this approach
  • Neos Conference Online 2020
  • 18.06.2020
  • 11:25
  • Center Stage