A deeper dive into headless with Neos

During Neos Con 2019 you might have already heard about Neos as hybrid CMS to provide data for static sites. Let’s go a step further and learn about how Neos allows editors to work on content, deliver the content via GraphQL and renders a website via the popular GatsbyJS static site generator.

In this talk I will show how Neos can be integrated with GatsbyJS via GraphQL to work as content source for the popular static site generator. This way editors can have the great content editing experience of Neos and the project can still be distributed as a static site.

For this I will introduce a Neos distribution that has all the necessary dependencies and is preconfigured for this use case. So after my talk you can try it out for yourself and decide whether this approach can help you in your next project. The more projects will use Neos as headless CMS the better we will understand in which direction we need to develop Neos further to reduce obstacles during their implementation.

Topics that will be discussed:

  • GraphQL with Neos
  • Structured editing of content
  • Token based authentication
  • Rendering Neos node based content with GatsbyJS
  • Benefits & drawbacks of this approach
  • How the Neos community can help
  • Neos Conference 2020
  • 20.06.2020
  • 14:15
  • Studio Stage