A Round Trip through your Presentation Layer with Fusion

Surely if you have ever developed a Neos website you had to write some Fluid templates and probably a few lines of Fusion. If you have some Flow development background you would know more about routes, actions and views. But how do Fusion and the View layer of Flow relate and how do you transcend the boundary between the two? Do you put this particular piece of logic into your Fluid template, Fusion object or a Flow plugin? It is time to demystify the black box of Neos content rendering and bring some clarity to our minds!

This talk will give you an in-depth understanding of the rendering process in Neos by guiding you from the frontiers of an HTTP request, down into Flow MVC land and then make a deep dive in Neos content rendering with Fusion. We will look at each technology in our rendering stack separately, and then at sensible ways to combine them in our projects.

  • Neos Conference 2017