Clean Code === Mental Health

Automated testing is important for health, teams, employer branding, employees and simply everyone. Of course also the customers.
The health of employees is important and nervous failures last a long time and may not heal at all. Programmers are not aware that headaches and other warning signs can destroy entire lives. The topic of health is very topical at the moment and I would like to give a report about my own nervous breakdown, protect others from it in the future and develop an awareness for it. If we work together, we can increase the working conditions in IT and thereby also bring the location forward.

The talk also shows many advantages for companies to introduce sustainable and efficient software development. In addition to better working conditions and more motivated employees, they also become an attractive employer. Good working conditions are an important part of employer branding. Those who produce faster and better software naturally also have an important competitive advantage. The topic is also highlighted here, because automated processes save a third of the time. This offers many opportunities to improve the team and the software.

  • Neos Conference 2019
  • 10.05.2019
  • 14:15
  • Center Stage