Debugging Neos

    Who hasn't encountered error messages while developing with Neos? It's a complex system after all and making mistakes is normal. But how to get the system working again and what actually happened? We will have a look at strategies for answering these questions and getting more confident in dealing with errors while working with Neos.

    Due to the many layers in Neos it's not always easy to place an error correctly and therefore grasp the message fully, but this understanding is the foundation for fixing problems, so this will be a major topic. Additionally we will talk about strategies to gain more insights into various areas of Neos to help you fix problems, specifically in the way Fusion works.

    Obviously we will talk about step debuggers and the pros and cons in their use for certain tasks and finally about the "debugging mindset".

    • Neos Conference 2019
    • 10.05.2019
    • 16:35
    • Center Stage