Fusion-Forms and how to extend them

    The Neos.Fusion.Form package is now around for about three years and covers a wide variety of use cases from backend-modules to controller-forms and even runtime-forms. At Sitegeist, we use the Fusion.Form package in every project and are quite happy, especially with the flexibility and extensibility of the rendering. We want to share our experiences and the various extensions we created ranging from captcha-integrations to editor-defined-forms.
    This talk is aimed at developers who are interested in using Neos.Fusion.Form to create flexible and customizable forms. We'll start with a brief overview of Fusion.Form's general concepts and how it differs from previous solutions. Then we'll dive into the ways you can customize and extend Fusion.Form using examples from Sitegeist's experience, including various packages we have published.
    • Neos Conference 2023
    • 27.04.2023
    • 16:00
    • Studio Stage