How to fix DialogFlow using Neos in your voice assistant

Chatbot and voice assistants are now everywhere - in our smartphones, cars, soon enough even in our fridges. It’s very easy to create own chatbot using DialogFlow engine. This talk would explain how we can use Neos as a source of voice assistant responses and what are its advantages over DialogFlow.

During the talk I will shortly explain how using a DialogFlow engine a simple chatbot or voice assistant can be prepared. I will show what are the limitations of DialogFlow when it goes to returning responses and how we can use Neos to bypass those limitations thanks to headless approach.

Using DialogFlow engine everyone can create his own chatbot or voice assistant. However, DialogFlow has some limitations regarding possibilities of editing content. What is not possible there can be easily done in Neos which can return content via GraphQL or JSON API. Moreover using Neos as content source allows us to be a little bit more independent from review process if it’s required on chatbot/assistant deployment platform.

We used this concept in Action on Google project for a swiss brand Mobiliar, creating Google assistant action in 2 languages (German & French).

  • Neos Conference Online 2020
  • 18.06.2020
  • 14:30
  • Center Stage