How to touch business critical web applications

    Developing complex business-critical software from scratch is easy in comparison to keep it in shape over years. Often the business model behind the software changes over time, new key features need to be implemented quickly, and companies loose focus for the software after the launch. On top of that, it's always a hard job for developers to explain to non-technical people why it makes sense to invest in ongoing maintenance from a business perspective.

    t3n co-founder and former CTO Martin Brüggemann shares his insights and best practices on running and maintaining business-critical software from over 20 years as a CTO and tech coach for large software companies. If you're a developer or manager struggling to grow your business while keeping your developers happy - this talk will give you a fresh perspective on how things can be improved.

    • Neos Conference 2023
    • 28.04.2023
    • 14:00
    • Center Stage