Integrating AI Assistance into Neos - an Adventure Story

In this talk I would like to take a look in to my adventure log about my adventures of integrating AI into Neos. I asked myself, whether AI could be more than a simple text generator for content in Neos. Can one use AI to generate whole pages with a sensible structure as starting point for editors to work with? Can one use AI to generate images for my content and directly add them into the Neos media library? Can AI be more deeply integrated into the Neos UI for a better user experience as a Neos user? As I am still on my adventure not all these questions have answers and there are still new questions coming up as I go further and further on the way down my chosen path. But I would like the let others take a look into my adventure log, discuss with them my findings and answers to some of my initial questions as well as present future goals of my journey.

  • Neos Conference 2024
  • 30.05.2024
  • 14:00
  • Studio Stage