Leading leaders in tech

    Some time after you start to work as a software engineer, you need to decide what is your next step: Do I want to grow as an expert or start to take over people responsibility.

    If you decide for the people way, it will get interesting how to work as the team lead, while staying up-to-date with tech trends and developments.

    As the company grows you might become a lead of leads and the challenge will now be to stay up-to-date with tech and team developments and how to support your leads in the best way without going to micromanage or be too far away.


    I want to share my challenges and learnings with you as I grew from being a software engineer to now leading 3 team leads of about 60 engineers.

    • Neos Conference 2023
    • 28.04.2023
    • 12:00
    • Center Stage