Challenge Neos with Biotec E-Commerce

Take 80k Content Nodes in 28 dimensions, a server architecture with CDN, load-balancing over three server nodes, searching with the power of elastic as well as an Azure SSO and some ‘well defined’ external SOAP and Rest interfaces, challenge a motivated agile team with it and see what we’ve learned.

Miltenyi Biotec is one of the largest German and globally important biotechnology companies. Founded in 1989, the company develops products and services in the field of cell separation and analysis. wysiwyg* realized the new corporate and e-commerce website in close cooperation with the customer and other project partners.

A dynamically growing product portfolio, 18,000 articles in 28 country versions, customer-specific prices and numerous product-related documents (data sheets, manuals, certificates), complex search algorithms, special content and legal requirements in the scientific environment, various data sources, interfaces, system partners… Exceptional circumstances require extraordinary measures - a software hybrid from Neos CMS (frontend & editorial office), Intellishop API (products, prices, PIM), and Microsoft Azure Cloud (customer data).

In the interdisciplinary scrum team, the complex requirements were determined, broken down into user-centered stories and corresponding solutions iteratively implemented and optimized over more than 2 years with a up to 10+ member team.

We’re talking about: - How to handle the huge amount of data with neos and cache them with Redis - How to import them efficiently and make them searchable with elasticsearch - We’ve learned that it is important to test the different APIs by ourselves - integrate several APIs from different providers (Azure, CRM, Shop) into Neos

  • Neos Conference 2019
  • 11.05.2019
  • 14:50
  • Studio Stage