Neos as PWA with AMP for Migros summer campaign 2019

Mobile first: Neos to provide content for a PWA via headless approach. Performance and mobile search results where KPIs in this project as it had to face high traffic. Ease of use for the customer should also be achieved by an app like behavior. So lets talk about the “grillbuddy”.

For the summer campaign in Switzerland we had high traffic and multi API requirements to face. Product data had to be gathered from client APIs, we delivered a nice PWA so you could take your “gillbuddy” as it was called to the Migros and get everything you needed for a nice evening with friends. We used AMP for better mobile search result ranking and performance as Migros is the biggest brand in Switzerland and we were as top story in the newsletter with 1.25 million recipients. You could connect to your Migros shopping list , had a timer so all your grill goods were perfectly fine.

  • Neos Conference Online 2020
  • 19.06.2020
  • 10:55
  • Center Stage