Profiting from Neos / Flow for any other Project

    Most of the fastest db-engines try to store everything also in the working memory for performance reasons (Elasticsearch, MongoDB). Our working memory, also known as brain, can’t hold more than seven elements at once. The approach to load everything in the working memory is therefore rather unsuitable for humans. A study of John Sweller found out, that one of the main differences between novice and expert chess players is the number of schemas that are stored in their long term memories. Therefore, other than machines, we should better try to hold everything as schemas in our long term memory. But what is a schema and how we can extend it? In this talk we want to find out how to learn more effectively and how Neos helps me to fill up my personal schema storage.

    • Neos Conference 2023
    • 27.04.2023
    • 14:00
    • Studio Stage