RE.A.L.ity Check – successful agile projects without quotation and contracts – 6 top-tips how it actually works in practice even in your agency

During the agile transition of sitegeist, they invented their own Project Method RE.A.L. ( E.stimates, A.gile, and L.ean). For the last 5 years, RE.A.L. was continuously developing and produced the most efficient projects of agency history. Back then RE.A.L. was the starting shot for sitegeist to become a successful, self-confident and self-determined agency. An agency that advises their customers and leads them through the projects. The one who has the knowledge determines.

Meanwhile, RE.A.L. is one of the main reasons why potential customers and also potential employees choose the agency.

RE.A.L. is not only used in-house though, but it was also successfully implemented in various agencies.

With the sitegeist agile transformation GmbH, which is 4-person strong by now, sitegeist also coaches external companies like e.g. OTTO Group or XING.

Believe it or not, but it‘s true: RE.A.L. also works in your agency. And yes, also with your customers.

This RE.A.L-Talk is focussing on the most important first steps and the most helpful learnings from the implementations of RE.A.L. in agencies.

For those who know last year‘s RE.A.L. basic-talk („No more waste!“), they get a hands-on continuation. But the basic-talk is not at all a requirement to get valuable ideas or suggestions and a complete mind-shift in the way how to work.

It will be a real game-changer for your agency.

  • Neos Conference 2019
  • 10.05.2019
  • 11:40
  • Studio Stage